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At Doggone Walkies our priority will always be the wellbeing and safety of your dog. Our dog walkers can come and collect your dog in our dog friendly and safe van. For our off lead group dog walks we will always choose areas that are as safe as possible, well away from roads, railway lines and livestock.

That said we really want to be the highlight of your dog’s day and our walks are always lots of fun and as dogs are pack animals by nature, group dog walks are good for mental wellbeing as well as physical.

First week of dog walkers services for you

For the  first week of your dog’s walks with us we will send pictures and give lots of feedback to let you know how he or she is getting on, who they’re particularly bonding with or who they are playing like loons with.

We will periodically send pictures and updates moving forwards and you can always follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to see what you dog has been up to also. On returning your dog home we are more than happy to hose down particularly muddy feet and tums if possible and towel off wet fur, we can also feed and apply medication if needed and top up water bowls etc.

We understand that not all dogs are able to join a group walk for a variety of different reasons and we aim to provide a tailor-made service to accommodate all of your personal requirements.

We would always like to meet for an introductory visit and to go over in detail your exact care plan so you can feel confident your dog is getting exactly what he or she needs. This gives us a chance to get to know one another a little better and to meet your dog as well and it also gives you a chance to ask any other questions you may have and to fill in an information sheet with all your details on and of course you dog.

Please feel free to call for a free consultation.

Some of our lovely dogs out for walks