Doggy Services

In order to cover every potential need you may have for your dog we also provide the services listed below. Again the tag line comes into play here as it is our ultimate aim for you to:

Put all your pet care needs behind you

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Doggy Day Care

For Doggie Day Care we provide a happy, safe and healthy environment for your dogs at all times. You can drop your dog off or we can collect your dog at a time that’s convenient for you leaving you free to go to work and know your dog is happy and cared for. Your dog will receive at least two tailored walks a day, all feeding and administering of drugs if necessary. Any training routines you have in place will be strictly adhered to. However one thing your dog will definitely receive lots of are cuddles, kisses and lots of reassurance. We treat all our dogs the same way we treat our own, with strong leadership but definitely part of the family.

Doggy Holidays

For Doggie Holidays we provide all of the above plus a comfy place to sleep at night. We will also send regular updates and pictures so you can see for yourself that your dog is happy and settled ensuring you can enjoy your time away without worrying how your beloved dog is doing without you.