Doggy Day Care

Day Care

For Doggy Day Care we provide a happy, safe and healthy environment for your dogs at all times. You can drop your dog off or we can collect your dog at a time that’s convenient for you leaving you free to go to work and know your dog is happy and cared for. We are very flexible regarding drop off and collection times, we understand that working hours are not always nine to five. A typical day would include any meals you dog may need, at least two walks throughout the day, a comfortable place to rest ( as you can see we definitely don’t have a dog’s off the sofa policy ) and most importantly lots of love and affection.

Pet Taxi

We also provide a pet to vet service. We understand that getting a veterinary appointment can sometimes be difficult to fit in when you are working so this service can be very useful. Again we aim to ensure your pet is as happy and stress free as possible. Some animals can get very upset by a trip to the vets so extra cuddles and kisses will be provided.