New Doggone Walkies Website

Hi, my name is Beth Harvey and I’d like to introduce you to my new website.

I started ‘Doggone Walkies’ in May 2005 and since then the business has grown and flourished.  I have to say I have enjoyed every single day; even on the days that aren’t so great.  Days like the numerous occasions dogs have rolled in something quite disgusting and we all have to travel home with pegs on our noses or the odd occasion someone has an accident in the van.

Yes it’s fair to say I wouldn’t change a single day and I feel very lucky to be doing a job that I absolutely love and honoured that so many people trust me with their treasured pets.

Bad days are rare and every single day the dogs are in my care, fill me with awe and always make me laugh.  No day is ever the same and I am never ever bored. My aim for the future is for the business to expand and grow and to continue to provide a trusted service for my customers and their pets.

I have to thank Simon over at 79DESIGN for helping me create such a fantastic website. His patience and accessibility have been very much appreciated. I also have to thank my beloved dog Winston for being by my side nearly every single day and helping me with all the other dogs with his calm but authoritative manner. He’s my true hero.

Beth & Winston.

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